Friday, August 12, 2011

More toilet adventures

This is going to be totally TMI for most.  It involves the toilet.  It involves poo.  And for those who have delicate sensibilities, I'll hide the bulk of this post.

So, as many of you moms know, being pregnant can have the challenges of constipation.  And this is a challenge I know oh-so-well. [for the rest of this post, hit control + 'A']  WARNING: NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE VIEWER!

5am.  The Lad awakens.  I get up, change him, give him a bottle.  He settles.  But... I have to go.

So, I settle myself on the porcelain throne, and hope that the tight feeling in my gut that I've had for about 36 hours resolves itself.  A little bit of effort, and suddenly my bowels are startlingly empty.

Gross, yes, but true.

So empty, that I then have a gut-ache, and there is a monster poo in the toilet bowl.

So large and so hard, that it challenges DH's fantastic toilet repair.  To the point, in fact, that it resurfaces 14 hours later, and the plunger has to come out again.

But, with a little persistent plunging, it vanishes down the sewer, and suddenly the sluggish toilet flushes with an enthusiasm that hasn't been seen in weeks!  Seriously.  This is wonderful.  With any luck, there will be no more toilet issues!

And that is my poo story.  I hoped you enjoyed.

[we now return to regular broadcasting]

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